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Frosty Branches

Prepping Your Home for Cold Weather

Much of the routine maintenance that needs to be done in the fall will not only prepare you as our temperatures drop but could also save money on repairs and protect your biggest investment—your home. With temperatures starting to drop in the coming weeks, it is time to begin getting your house ready. Below are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Change air filters. To maximize energy savings and safety, have your furnace inspected and filters changed.

  • Turn off faucets and store hoses. Drain garden hoses and disconnect from outside spigots. 

  • Clean gutters. Hire a service or do it yourself. Remove leaves, nests, and any other debris. Check for leaks, too. 

  • Check your chimney and fireplace. Especially if you use it often or own a wood stove, have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional 

  • Cover/winterize air conditioning. If your home has central air conditioning, it’s good practice to cover your outdoor unit for winter.

  • Organize the shed. Move summer items to the back and winter items up front for better access. Remove any liquids that will freeze.

  • Service summer power equipment. Empty fuel and clean lawnmower and trimmer. 

  • Remove batteries from lawn equipment and store inside. 

  • Test your generator. If you have an emergency generator for power outages, give it a test to ensure it’s in good working order.

  • Prune your plants. Keep limbs/branches at least three feet from your house. Prevents wind damage and moisture dripping onto roofing and siding.

You can get our full checklist here: 


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