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Student Driver Heading Off to College? See How You Can Save

Back to school season is approaching and there may be things to think about with your auto insurance policy. 

If you have a student driver heading off to college and they are leaving their car at home, you may be able to save on your insurance with the “student away” rate. 

If the student was the principal driver on the vehicle, they must be switched to occasional driver to be eligible for the student away at school rate. The discount will apply even if the student occasionally drives the car when they are home during breaks and holidays. 

If the student was rated as an occasional driver before they go off to college, then they can simply be left as occasional and the student away discount can be added.

If the student takes the vehicle with them to school, they will remain on the vehicle as the primary driver and the student away discount will not apply. Note that the garage location of the vehicle should also be changed to reflect the new address of where they go to school.  In this situation, they can still maintain the multi-auto discount on the vehicle that is away at school. 

Questioning whether this is the right plan for you? Speak to our team today to discuss your policy.

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